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Legacy Natural includes NHTC and SAV and is added at virtually no additional cost, but it has massive premium potential.



Since 2020, some of the highest and steadiest premiums have been for PVP Verified Natural Cattle. 

Rather than making you jump through a bunch of unrealistic hoops, the Legacy Natural program is designed from a producers’ perspective while still giving you access to the natural designation.


This program goes “on top” of the NHTC programs. Like NHTC, you can’t administer hormones or beta-agonists. The Legacy Natural Program adds a couple of things that you're probably not even using now:  you can’t feed animal by-products, ionophores, or administer antibiotics.

Of course, we both know that you’re going to treat sick animals, so the program just requires that those few head that you treat, be identified so that they can be sorted from conforming animals because they could still qualify for NHTC, but won’t be allowed as Natural.   

Remember!  Vaccines are allowed in all programs


Cattle can't ever receive antibiotics, animal by-products, ionophores, beta agonists, or homones.  Coccidiostats are allowed.

If some cattle get any of the above they must be identified in a way that clearly indicates they no longer qualify for Legacy Natural

Calves can receive colostrum within the first 3 days of birth.  Must record date of birth and treatment days.

All cattle must go through locations like feedyards that are an approved PVP Natural location to maintain their certification


What's Required to be Verified?

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You may be wondering right now "Can I do this stuff?  Would $100/head help motivate you?  You're actually probably doing most of what's required - if you have worries, give us a call to see how you can qualify!

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