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What is a PVP?

A PVP simply stands for a Process Verified Program.  There are several types and all have different standards.  Some require just knowing where an animal came from and when the first calf was born.  Others require that you maintain several types of records and that you restrict your herds’ access to certain products.  It can be confusing, but that’s why we’re here: we’re producers who understand the programs, can guide you through the paperwork and train and support you as you enter the world of PVP’s and the premium-earning potential they provide.

Why Should I Participate in a PVP?

Money.  That’s what it comes down to though there are other good reason.  If you’ve been watching, you know that consumers want to know about us and our cattle.  They want to understand what we do and why so that they can feel comfortable with their purchase decisions.  That’s what’s fueling the fires of both USDA and private PVP Programs.

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Money. Up to $100 per head more for a pretty small investment. This is based on premiums for Natural cattle from Superior Livestock sales in 2021. The investment is generally less than $1,000, but that doesn't include items like travel.


The perception of your ranch will rise. No matter how well you operate now, people will know that your commitment to be in a PVP means you’ve got very high standards.


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Insulation from market swings. The fact that your cattle are perceived to be even more desirable directly to consumers than they have been in the past can provide a cushion, a support when prices swing in our business.

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