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Why's that so critical?

China is the worlds largest consumer of meat and one of the biggest importers

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That's twice what we consume!

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We're Going to China!

At least your beef is.  We went to the mat to get our "China Verified" Program added to our PVP for our customers.  It's VERY straightforward and easy for you to do.  All you'll have to do is avoid the use of Beta-Agonists, specifically Ractopamine, and none of our ranchers use that stuff at their place(s). If you are eligible for NHTC or Legacy Natural - you are eligible for our "China Verified" PVP Program!  

So, what's the big deal?

Zero Tolerance.jpg

The Chinese have a zero-tolerance policy for Ractopamine, a Beta-Agonist used in some feedyards.  Now, you may not run a feedyard, but to make it easier to sell beef to the Chinese, we have a program that certifies your calves are never fed Ractopamine in their lives.  As a rancher, you're not using it anyway, so it's just proving what you already know.... and your cattle are more marketable as a result.

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