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Source and Age Verification is like branding your calves - everyone should do it.  The costs are nominal compared to the potential for higher prices for your calves.  

Ranches need only do a couple of things: write down when your first calf is born and when the last one is born (or at least when you brand the group).  Then contact us.  Let us walk you through the audit on the phone.  It's like catching doubles in the pen: a little bit of practice or coaching and you'll get it!

Feedyards  The primary differences at this level are the fact that you're getting cattle from multiple sources leading to a real need for good records and because of that, we need to pay you a visit to do your audit.  Once you're audited and verified you'll be able to receive calves from any SAV approved ranch AND YOU'LL BE ABLE TO BACK VERIFY CATTLE FROM ALMOST ANY RANCH AFTER THEY ARRIVE IN YOUR YARD..

Why not get hold of someone to see what SAV will do for you?

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