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SAV included in NHTC

Seems simple - don't use hormones or beta-agonists on your cattle - ever.  If you do, keep those who receive them separate from all those who've never had any or make sure they have a permanent form of identification so non-NHTC calves can be sorted off at shipping time..

Practically speaking there's a little more to it.  In this program, we need a few more details such as what hormones are fed or administered to any cattle (if that even applies).  We need to understand where you keep them, how you identify the cattle that get them,  etc. Of course, like most PVP's you're probably doing all of that stuff anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult.  

If you haven't felt the need to track things that tightly, don't sweat it.  We provide training and all of the template forms you need to make your life easier. And don't worry, the paperwork is not nearly as cumbersome as you may think.  

Feedyards have to follow the same procedures outlined above along with ensuring that things like feed containing hormones aren't fed to program cattle.  Of course, source traceability is a primary focus: you'll need to ensure that program and non-program cattle are distinguishable and not mixed.  You'll also need to work on procedures to keep feed with hormones in it away from program cattle.  We'll work with you to open this lucrative business opportunity!

Photo credit: Maclaine Shults

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