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Tell the most comprehensive story of your product and supply consumers with safe, wholesome, American Born and Raised beef.  More than just a label, Legacy Verified American™, powered by AGEX, is the most technologically advanced supply chain auditing and verification service on the market. 

How It Works:

Following protocols similar to Source and Age Export Verification Programs, Legacy Verified American™ seamlessly follows product data on animals through the complex US Beef industry.  By harnessing the power of the AGEX software suite, the fastest growing Herd Management software on the market, Legacy Verified delivers a comprehensive product ownership chain for each individual product without sacrificing industry workflow standards

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Producers are given FREE management tools to ingest and collect product information, which is audited and verified by Legacy Verified at each stage of production.   

AGEX tags maintain uniqueness of each and every animal as it flows through the supply chain.  Using a series of products that

allow a quick and easy transference of records throughout the product lifecycle.            Download the file to see how it works!

AGEX usage
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