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Robin Cox

Position: Auditor

Regions: West Texas, New Mexico

Robin and horse.jpg

From a milking parlor to a maternity pen, to a cow/calf ranch to a feed yard, Robin Cox’s breadth of experience is expansive. With bachelor and master’s degrees in Animal Science from Texas A&M University and Washington State University, respectively, Robin focuses on animal benefits from positive forage and range management.

Across several positions within the animal nutrition industry, she has developed a deep understanding of her clients’ unique needs, enabling her to deliver best practices, research, and responsive service.


She brings experience with vastly different forages and terrain warranting different management approaches owing to her time ranching in western New Mexico for 10 years and southeast New Mexico for another 10 years on. During this time, she was active in the New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association as the Public Relations Committee chair for 2 years.

Robin’s integration into the agricultural industry spans countries as well as niches. She spent time as a Jillaroo in Australia and consults for the newly formed Kenyan Cattlemen’s association.


4-H played a huge role in both her childhood and parenthood. Through the 4-H journey of her three children, Robin coached a state qualifying horse judging team; served as horse project manager and County Fair Horse Show Superintendent; and coached her children in buckle-winning poultry, rabbit, pig, and horse projects.

Her key phrase is “Knowledge is Power.” The more you know, the wiser decisions you can make. She has a never-ending thirst for learning, so she has podcasts and webinars focused on dairy and livestock production playing wherever she goes. She manages to carve out days to shred the slopes during snow season!


Robin is excited to begin her journey with Legacy Verified and looks forward to getting to know how she can best serve the livestock industry in helping ranchers participate in premium earning opportunities.

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