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For the first time, calf ranches have the premium-earning opportunity that beef ranchers have enjoyed for more than a decade. Utilizing records that most calf ranches already have in place, Legacy Verified can verify the calf ranch, and potentially all of the calves already onsite, for multiple PVP Verification and Export Verification Programs including: Source and Age Verification, NHTC, Legacy Natural – Dairy (Allows for the use of colostrum, milk and milk replacer), Saudi Arabia, and Legacy Verified Angus! And if your records are not exactly what is needed, don’t sweat it! We will work with you and give you anything you need to make your records complete to meet the requirements.


Don’t let the idea of “record-keeping” scare you off. We will help you update and/or implement an efficient and thorough records system based on what records you already keep at the calf ranch in order to meet all PVP requirements for the program(s) you participate in!

We want all of our customers to succeed, but Legacy Verified is on your team from Day #1!  Upfront audit costs will apply, but Legacy Verified does not make money unless you are able to contract calves for one or more of our PVP Programs! Once you have established an offtake for your PVP Program cattle, all renewal audits may be a service offered free of charge!  


We are here to help you, as best we can, sell your calves for a premium. Joining in the Legacy Verified Family means having your own Calf Ranch LV Liaison to help you comply with requirements and in any capacity that we can. Our customers get a contact list of as many PVP Verified Backgrounders and Feedyards (throughout the US) as possible, and we add to the list all of the time – Giving you a starting point for finding contracts for PVP Program cattle that can earn you a premium at shipping time!

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