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What do a lifetime of ranching experience, dedication, commitment, knowledge, willingness and PASSION have in common?? They are what the team of Legacy Verified, LLC is made up of. Legacy Verified is a group of fine ranching men and women, dedicated to serving the cattle industry and bringing the most value to verification programs within the greatest industry in the country.

Who We Are . . .

Getting done what needs doing. It's what we do on ranches and in feedlots all over this country. That's why Legacy Verified was created – To get things done . . . The right way . . . And at a price we can all afford!

Legacy Verified is owned and operated by ranchers and industry-experts committed to offering their fellow cattle producers and all agriculture industry professionals, value-added opportunities with exceptional customer service and the utmost commitment to their success!

After gaining almost 50 years of combined experience in agriculture verification, these multi-generational ranchers and industry experts knew there was a need for a producer-driven, professional verification company. One staffed by dedicated, driven people who recognize the need for various kinds of programs developed sensibly for producers which would create value, but not cost an arm and a leg or make them follow rules that just don't work in the real world.

They also knew that it takes people with passion and knowledge - from a producer perspective - to make sense of the many variations in programs.


Legacy Verified strives to be up-to-date on all industry happenings within the scope of program verification, whether that be at the producer, feedlot, packer, grocer, USDA, export or import side. It is recognized that in order for the cattle industry to be successful as a whole, everyone has to work together. Legacy Verified makes it a priority to keep in contact with its customers and their suppliers to serve them to the best of their ability. Going the extra mile to help the customer is top priority for this team of passionate individuals!

USDA Programs for Ranches and Feedyards

• SAV- Source and Age Verification

    - Ranch: Conducted with a Phone Call and Records Audit (If a Standalone Program)

    - Backgrounder/Feedyard/Calf Ranch: Onsite Audit Required

    - Documented First Calf Born & Head Count Records

- Individual Birthdates Required for Year-Round Calvers and Calf Ranches

    - EIDs MAY be required

    - Back Verification is a possibility

• NHTC- Non-Hormone Treated Cattle

    - Calves never administered hormones or beta-agonists

    - Onsite audit required

    - SAV included

    - EIDs Required

• Legacy Natural – Approved USDA Natural PVP Program

    - Calves never fed/administered Animal By-Products, (milk and Colstrum Excluded for Calf Ranches), Hormones, Beta-Agonists, Antibiotics, or Ionophores - Coccidiostats are allowed

    - Onsite Audit Required

    - NHTC and SAV Included

    - EIDs Required

•Saudi Arabia

    - Calves Never Fed Prohibited Proteins (Fish Meal and Milk Replacer Exempt) after Weaning

    - Program Cattle never fed Animal Tallow other than Beef Tallow

    - Beef Tallow must be sourced from approved rendering plants

    - Onsite Audit Required

    - Source Verification Included

•Legacy Verified Angus (Includes SAV at Minimum)

    - Ranch: Conducted with a Phone Call and Records Audit (only if combined with SAV)

    - Back Verification from an APPROVED SAV (at Minimum) Feedyard Allowed

    - Calves must be born from an Angus/Red Angus Sire or Dam OR TWO Registered Angus/Red Angus Grandparents

    - Angus/Red Angus Bulls may only service a maximum of 30 cows per breeding season via Live Cover

Non-USDA Programs
   •Legacy Verified American

    •American Grassfed Association (AGA)

o Certified to conduct audits for the AGA for producers interested in raising and selling grassfed cattle

   •Specialize in Working and Creating Private Label, Custom, Third-Party Verified Programs for Producers and Their Retail/Restaurant/Direct  Market Customers -  Including Providing Third-Party Auditing Services to Audit Against Existing Standards.

Legacy Verified, LLC

PO Box 1896

Elizabeth, CO 80107


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